Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sew Excited!

I usually hate stores that have rude, snotty, unprofessional staff but despite that, I am falling in love with Spotlight.  Sorry to all the Spotlight staff out there that do no possess any of the above characteristics- I wish you worked at my local- or perhaps it is a general lack of patience for those who are new to the world of sewing ie me, or perhaps this time of year can be challenging . . . whatever it is, I won't let it dampen my enthusiasm.  Instead, I go to another Spotlight store slightly further away where they are LOVELY.

I have made only 4 trips to Spotlight but it has been all in the last 4 weeks!  Here is my bounty of purchases for December.

Rick set the camera to manual and my dodgy eyesight isn't so good at focusing
hence the slightly fuzzy photo!
My very first sewing machine (Brother BC2500)- christmas gift from my wonderful husband and thanks to my friend who lined up in the sales to get it for me!

And again this week:

Another dodgy effort at focusing!
 Don't you think a lovely way to commence a journey into sewing is to begin with a quilt?  I have decided to make my sewing debut with a Disappearing 9 Patch.

I love this Disappearing 9 Patch called Figgy Pudding by A Quilting Jewel, here

and this one by Jen from I Was Told To Get A Hobby.

I'm using 2 x Bliss charm square packs purchased from

This is only a rough layout - I have sinced changed it to be more balanced

I can't wait to not only show you the end product but to see it for myself!  So far my seams don't meet up properly and how many times did I have to thread the jolly needle?!?! (mystery, either me, machine or thread- most likely me!!)

Do you remember the first thing you sewed from scratch simply for the passion of sewing and not because you had to for school? 

Ooooo, I am literally bubbling over with excitement- I hope I don't stuff it up cuz I'll be awfully annoyed!

xxx BNF

PS I have to show you a photo we took of Dean today after his hair was washed

I can't bring myself to cut his hair!


  1. You are very game to begin with a quilt but good for you. I am going to attempt one myself this year provided I can fit it in with the million other things I want to do :)
    Happy sewing Fi, can't wait to see it completed.


    p.s Dean is such a cutie his hair

  2. I have just started following your blog and I have to tell you I just LOVE this post! It makes me really happy that you are learning to sew and that you are so enthusiastic about it because, as a Home Ec teacher, I totally share your enthusiasm!! Can't wait to see how you go with the quilt :)

    PS. I have had similar experiences at Spotlight... for a store that sells such fun and potentially exciting things I think they could do alot to improve their organisation and staff morale :(

  3. Annie I am really honoured that you are following my blog! And you are a home ec teacher! When I was at school the two home ec teachers never bothered with me because I was raised by a mother that had limited cooking skills and absolutely no sewing skills (she was an operatic singer and artist- not exactly the practical type). Those two teachers seemed to only help those students who had some skill already and who had access to sewing machines at home. I was shattered and has taken me until now to get over it and join the world of hand-making. First, I conquered cooking/baking and home making and now sewing! You have totally boosted my confidence and passion. I can't wait to show you my finished work (oh and the temptation to ask you to give me a grade is very high! hahaha!!) xxx Fi


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