Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Even though I have welcomed 2012 with open arms and some abandonment for the year that was, I have met two challenges.

Liam has been showing some sign of food intolerance.  Stomach cramps, loose bowels, dark shadows around eyes.  So I began what I thought would be a long process of elimination and re-introduction.  I started with wheat, and it appears that wheat is indeed the culprit.  Since we have removed, all but eliminated it completely from his diet, Liam has improved tremendously.  However, when he does get the odd amount it affects him far worse than before.  Hmmm, down side of dealing with intolerances I guess.

But that is not all that Liam has to deal with.  Back in January, Liam suffered a seizure at his kindy.  No fever, no over heating, no obvious trigger.  He was simply falling asleep and then twitched and shook for 3 mins, turned blue, frothed at the mouth and stopped breathing.  He regained his breathing and went into a deep deep sleep for 30 mins. 

I have since realised that he has had other seizures prior that I thought were bad dreams caused by last year's stress.  He has also had at least one more at home although we didn't see it, just the strange aftermath.  It seems they are happening in his sleep.  Luckily, at kindy they see him when he is sleeping.  When I put Liam to sleep at home, I leave him in his room alone otherwise he wouldn't sleep (highly distracted 3.5 year old!)

MRI and EEG have both come back showing no signs of tumours or vascular problems.  There was a worry that his haemangioma on his face could indicate that there was one on his brain also.  They don't know what is wrong.  So far it is no big deal but it does scare me.


  1. Wee soul. Hope you get to the bottom of it, well done for being so calm and composed.
    Sandra x

    1. Thanks Sandra. I wasn't that calm and composed to start with but life must go on and be lived and enjoyed! xx

  2. Oh I hope you little one is Ok ...it is difficult when the causes are unknown.


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