Monday, April 23, 2012

Cabinet Makeover

My boys have been sick for a week now.  And I have finally fallen victim.  Our weekend was really quiet.  Cabin fever has struck me too but I don't have the energy and seeing that I suffer from SAD (seasonal anxiety disorder!!), the grey days have drained the enthusiasm.  Where do you go on a wet day with two sick kids?  To bed and play lego.

So, this is a perfect opportunity to play catch up.  During my sabbatical from blogging, Rick and I got crafty.  I have shown you some of my crafty exploits, but today I would like to share what Rick has been up to.

Without any formality or real discussion, Rick and I have become increasingly home-made and creative.  I like it.  He tinkers outside with his tools and paint, while I cut and sew, or knit or hook.  I really like love it.

And the boys are getting into it too.  Colouring, painting, lego building.  I love having the TV off and seeing their little hands bring to life the creations conceived in their beautiful little heads. 

So the bug has taken hold.

Rick took this cabinet that was given to me years ago, for a make over.  To experiment with milk paint.  To see if he liked 'doing-up' furniture.  This is not the first furniture makeover he has done.  But this one we think we will sell.

Rick said that he would work with Milk Paint again, even though it is not a favourite.  I like the look of it very much.  Even though I've always liked dark stained timber, this cabinet had a dreadful varnish on it.

The whole time Rick was making over this cabinet, he kept saying to me that he could make a better one.  Which is good because I would love a better one!  And then he did build one.  But I will show you that tomorrow.


  1. Wow, what a difference a lick of paint makes. Really love this cabinet in white but can't wait to see the one that Rick made.
    Hope you are all feeling better soon Fi.

  2. Hi Fi! Sorry - you dropped off my Google Reader somehow. I've fixed that. I've missed a lot of your news but this result is stunning! I am *so* impressed. J x


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